Here’s my story.


Last year I realised I wasn’t thrilled with the direction my life was pointing. This wasn’t an entirely new thought, as I had felt for some time that something was “missing” from me, and it wasn’t going to be measured by today’s standards of success. I had conflicts with our modern fast-paced society and found it hard to keep up. Sometimes I didn’t quite feel like I “fit in”, or that I wanted something more “real” out of life, but it sure has been tough identifying exactly WHAT!

Even after college I seemed to drift from job to job, without much direction. Although I learned and picked up skills with each position, I felt like I didn’t care enough to stay for decades. Was I just a slacker? At first I thought so, but I also knew that I would readily go above and beyond when it came to something I was passionate about. I decided that I wasn’t going to find my life’s joy in a conventional way, and that was OK! 

I’m a pretty average person in most respects. I’m pretty smart, but I have little focus. I have many interests, but I’ve never developed anything to be considered skilled. I’d like to think I’m resourceful, frugal, and very creative. As a teenager growing up near Washington DC, my friends and I would  bitch about politics and the suburbs and decided we wanted to “live off the land”. We didn’t know how to go about doing that specifically, but we loved the idea of not being slaves to the dollar sign. I guess not much has changed, but now even an unskilled lady like myself can make my way anywhere if I’m a little resourceful and watch enough         you-tube tutorials!

When I turned 30 I felt like time was ticking away to find my life’s joy. Instead of just getting by, it was time to make some hard decisions. My folks purchased 18 acres of land for their retirement in Ashe County, NC. The land had a pretty derelict house on it that needed a lot of work. It also had several springs, a pond, fruit trees, and beautiful views. I wanted to help make it “home” for them and I felt like I was in the position to try. I also felt like this opportunity may not come around again- the chance to get away and live the life I’ve daydreamed about for years.

So all of that leading up to this:

I decided it might be satisfying to my soul to learn about off-grid living, and maybe even give it a try. I wanted to try building, gardening, and canning my own food. Learn about permaculture and sustainability, composting, homesteading, and solar energy. I wanted to watch the seasons change in rural North Carolina and adapt to the challenges mother nature lobbed at me, like generations have done before. THAT sounds like the kind of life that would make a person whole.

So I left my job, ditched my cell phone, and checked out a helluva lot of library books!

Now you get to watch my story as it unfolds (or crashes and burns) and learn with me as I try to find my life’s joy. Hope it helps you find yours!


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