Everything is coming along!

Well I’ve been MIA for a year now, working on all kinds of projects but never taking the time to log in, so I figured it was time for an update! The house renovation project has been a roller coaster of emotion- some days you are up, some down. Progress moves very quickly at times, other times grinds to a complete halt. The factors involved usually boil down to who you can get to work consistently on an array of specific projects and how much money you have available to throw at them.  These factors are changing all the time. Everyone who works for us has several side jobs, obligations, and not to mention families, (haha) so it has been difficult to achieve  100% consistent progress. It can be emotionally draining when things are not moving along at a decent pace, and new problems are continually being uncovered!

before and after of some of the old German siding we found under the ugly fake wood panel siding!


We are approaching our move-in and I couldn’t be more excited! I will be working up some progress posts to share soon 🙂


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