Painting… makes old look new! (ish)

See!? Why toss this cool handmade bench? Paint it!


A busy week! And happy belated Father’s day to you all!

We found a beautiful barn red color at the local hardware store to paint some of our cinder block outbuildings. The paint was oil based and when we researched the “best paint” for the job we received some conflicting information, so we decided to go ahead with the project. First, we used wire brushes to scrape off excess dirt, then we painted in the cracks with a brush. Finally we rolled over the blocks with a roller. Remember: cinder blocks suck up paint! We used almost a whole can just on the facade of the spring house!

Image         DSCN7412Later, we will paint the trim white. I’ll show ya’ll when it’s finished! 🙂  Image

One problem I ran into was that I couldn’t reach the tippy top! The ground was too unstable for a ladder…

DSCN7414          However… Necessity is the mother of invention!   … meet …



AND DSCN7419                                                                                                                              Stickbrush!!!!!! (because sticksponge broke)





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