The good, the bad, and the UGLY

Yes folks, it’s been a mixed bag lately. The good news is I have my garden beds all dug up, cultivated, and ready to go! It seems like folks are just starting to plant now, which is about a month later than I would have suspected, but we are in a different climate zone here, and the winter was particularly harsh this year. I had a weird idea that just might work: just for this season only, I’m going to be using the farm house’s old flower beds as vegetable beds. The house faces south, so the veggies should be getting full sun. We had issues getting a tiller, so I started digging in the garden in the backyard BY HAND, and it was slow going…                                                                                                                       Image                                                                                                                                                                     (this is gonna take awhile…)


The pre-established raised flower beds in the front of the house proved to be much easier to manage although they hadn’t been used in years. The soil was nice and loose, and the grass and roots were pretty easy to remove. That got me thinking… why not plant in these beds this year!? When you are winging it, your plans may change at any moment!

ImageImage                                                                                       (pre-clearing)                                                                   (post-clearing)

We also have POWAAH! in the farm house so we can use the shop vac and other tools. We had to have the electric upgraded, and it took a few weeks working with an electrician and the power company to get everything installed just so. Even now, we only have one outlet. The rest of the house has to be brought up to code.                              Image                                                                                                                                                                                            (it’s A-LIVE!)

The bad news, is that we’ve been fighting a battle with 2 foes: carpenter ants and poison ivy. Luckily, carpenter ants are not like termites: they don’t eat wood, they just live in it. We found about a 2ft. area of support beam we need to replace where they have established a nest.

And in ugly news, I’m covered in festering oozing poison ivy blisters! About 50% of each leg and 20% of each arm. Folks, don’t make my mistake, Poison ivy is not to be taken lightly. If you think you got it, wash it right away, and if see a little blister starting to form, wash it and start treating it immediately! DO NOT SCRATCH! I scratched, and now I have disgusting sores I have to wrap up every night because they would leak fluid through my sheets! I’m not even going to post photos of them. You get the idea. Just remember:

Do not f@#$ with this:                                                                                                                                             Image



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