Advice from an old friend

Just reading over some wise advice from an old friend at : 

“I want to share a couple things with you guys as you head in to this journey, just a couple things I’ve discovered about building stuff:

1.) Dogged persistence and an irrational sense of self confidence are the most valuable tools you’ll ever own. Creativity, ingenuity and an adventurous spirit are next in line, after that comes a good chainsaw. Don’t skimp on your chainsaw.
2.) There’s always someone showing you how to do it on Youtube.
3.) There are always naysayers saying you can’t do this or that, screw ’em.
4.) Really, don’t skimp on a chainsaw.
5.) Always assume the electricity is going to zap your buns off, the gas is going to blow up in your face and the heavy stuff is going to fall and crush your tootsies.
6.) You can do anything.”

Thanks, friend 🙂 


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