Re-claim your space!

This trailer was placed here in 1969. We’ve been coming here every summer for about 10 years, but before then it was closed up for years. When we first “moved in” we had issues with mice, and have every year since. I don’t like to store my clothes in the dressers here for that reason. It’s such a drag to pull out a favorite shirt and notice it has chew holes in it! The dressers in many old trailers were built into the walls- here is a photo of mine after I pulled all the drawers out:


Since I couldn’t use the drawers anymore because of the mice, I decided to remove them so I could at least have the precious space for storage! We’ve found that plastic/tupperware bins and containers do an excellent job at keeping mice out.

A few minutes with some elbow grease and a few cuts with a saw:


Voila! I get my space back!

For anyone who doesn’t want to see your clothes hamper at all, here’s a tip: Buy a tension rod and the correct sized curtain to cover!



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