Baby’s first building project: Composting Bin! (part two)



Re-purposed chicken coop door meets compost bin! A match made in heaven!


 Completed the bin’s gate yesterday. It’s definitely “Molly-rigged”. I altered an old chicken coop door, and the lattice was pulled off the side of the farm house.

Some stuff n’ things I learned as a baby-builder:

  1. The smaller the piece of wood (especially old wood), the more likely it will SPLIT. Use appropriately sized hardware!
  2. Do not use dollar-store tools! They will break within a day. (I wore all the screwdriver heads down to a stump. hehe) I know folks have been telling me this for years, but it does pay to invest in certain good-quality tools, like screwdrivers!
  3. Old nails WILL bend and WILL piss you off. (Sorry about yelling all those expletives, mom >.<)
  4. You will get tired of sawing wood by hand VERY fast. (Time to buy a miter saw)
  5. Jerry-rigging is fun and challenging! I can’t wait to do more… going to build a staircase for the spring house next!

Well I hope this post was humorous and maybe even a teensy-bit informative for all you budding builders out there! Until next time!




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