Spring has reached the mountains!


It seems like temperatures are a little cooler here than in Northern VA, and that’s good because I hate oppressively hot summers. Many of the trees at a lower altitude are already full with leaves, while ones here are still blooming.

Image                                                                              a couple of our apple trees in bloom

One problem when you have a lot of land, is that it needs to be mowed, weed-whacked, bush-hogged, burned, tilled, plowed, and made useful in many ways. I can see now that clearing brush is going to be an everyday activity. With spring here, everything is growing up FAST, and we have to keep on top of it. Without the right equipment, we had to hire someone to mow – for now. It’s also a challenge selecting the right equipment. We need a small tractor and it ain’t gonna be cheap! If anyone has any helpful tractor supply information to share, please let me know!

Baby’s first building project: Composting Bin! (part one)

Cost: $0.00 – all scavenged pallets, wood, and nails.


We found a couple of pallets that had been left behind here, and I used two sliding closet doors from the inside of the house to create the back.                                             Image

Then I just nailed the pallets to the front to make an open box with no bottom. I laid another sliding closet door panel under them in front, and cut off any random overhanging wood bits with a saw. Here’s what it looks like now:Image                                      This project was simple, and I’m no builder! The hardest part was carrying the wood around- it gets heavy for a gal in 80 degree heat! The best part was finding everything laying around and figuring out a way to make it come together to create what I wanted.


Tomorrow’s project: re-purposed chicken coop door meets compost bin! A match made in heaven!

In other news… the grass seed is growing! It’s really growing!!! *happy dance*

Image                               Remember those earthen stairs I was working on? Now they look much more like stairs and less like a dirt mound. 🙂



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