Temporary Housing and Local Color

To bring ya’ll up to speed, I thought I might share a couple photos of where I’m actually living right now. I’m staying about 20 minutes away from our farm house/land project in a single-wide trailer owned by some of our generous family members who have lived in Ashe for generations. I spent many happy summers here before my folks decided they wanted to settle in the area for good.



Here’s our porch. I found a horse shoe years ago and had John nail it above the porch.                                                                    (Did he install it in an unlucky fashion, or am I just superstitious?!)                                                                                                          Our “welcome mat” is a truck mud flap I found in the woods about 10 years ago, and it’s had a place ever since. 🙂  

In other news…

I’ve been workin’ hard each day.

Some of this hard work includes LONG trips to hardware stores and Wal-Mart which takes it out of you more than digging and hauling!

I thought I might spread some beauty to the internet: from my place, to yours.

Here’s some early spring photos from around the county.





Have a good’n 😉 


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