Winging it! : Earthen Stairs

We had a hillside on the land that was converted into a pathway after the road was built up to the cabin site. It was rather difficult to traverse due to an old fallen down barbed wire fence and brambles and roots all around. 



(That pole with the antennae attached to it is laying smack dab in the middle of where my garden is gonna be. I detatched the antennae and dragged it away for recycling, but mom and I did not have the strength to roll that pole away! I guess I was a little over optimistic on this one!) 

I bought some tin snips at Lowes to cut the barbed wire, which I think was the wrong choice in cutting implements.           Well, I got all the wire cut, but it took a great deal of effort. Perhaps I should’ve invested in bolt cutters instead? 

I hung around and jumped on the remaining posts like a monkey until they loosened up enough to pull out.                        Since we’re winging it, we don’t have all the proper tools yet…

We raked away the top layer, pulling roots and digging as we went. Then, we gathered large rocks from all around.


I cut “stairs” into the hillside with a short shovel, and wet the dirt with a watering can to make a muddy “cement” to lay the rock into. I had to edit the rock placement a few times, and we practiced walking up and down to make sure the steps were relatively comfortable to use. We plan on digging posts and installing a rough railing in the future. The whole point is making this hillside easier to manage without putting strain on the knees and ankles!


I’m concerned with erosion, so after these photos were taken, I raked up the dirt a bit and spread grass seed, then spread straw over the whole enchilada. I hope it works out!


After (but before grass seed)


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