Growing Simple – The Raised Row Garden Way

Well, I am thinking of doing this. Seems like the best option for me at this time. Anyone care to weigh in? I was going to rent a rear tine tiller and put in the rows, add soil to make raised beds, then rotate the soil with a pitchfork. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes! >.<

Old World Garden Farms

This is part one of our four-part series on how to plant a simple garden using raised row beds. We call it Growing Simple. We take you through the process of how we plan, plant, care and maintain our raised row garden – and how to create your own simple garden in your yard – whether it’s a single raised row for some fresh tomatoes and peppers or a full fledged garden.
1. Growing Simple – A Raised Row Garden Overview  
2. Preparing And Planting The Garden
3. Maintaining The Garden Through The Season
4. Keeping Your Beds Productive

GROWING SIMPLE – The Raised Row Garden   (part 1)

Our Raised Row Beds – The Pepper and Tomato Rows

Our raised row garden is the centerpiece of our farm – producing all of the fresh garden produce we use through the spring, summer and fall. It also provides all…

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