Since we’ve been young, most of us have been taught to respect our things and take care of them. Kids aren’t allowed to touch anything in shops because they might break them. In our society,  it is generally frowned upon to kick, hit, or destroy people, places, and things. That’s why when I got to smash my first wall in…

IT WAS AWESOME! Especially when I got to KARATE KICK the CRAP out of it!!! 





Best therapy ever! I also got to dual-wield a hammer and pry bar which does wonders for the system! Yes, morale is high, folks. Very high. Everywhere I look I see new challenges and opportunities. Of course, I don’t have the skills to tackle most of them, but I can work around that! Also, when removing bits and pieces of an old house, one discovers all kinds of weird and interesting things I like to call…

Why the %@#$ did they do that?


I don’t understand ye olde decorating choices… like covering ceilings with loud vinyl fabric stuff and then tiles, or covering hardwood floors with layer upon layer of glue and hideous vinyl flooring… But that’s just me, and times have changed so I’ll cut a little slack.

Besides, it’s not like I have impeccable taste, either. I wear mumus and sweatsuits. 😉



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