Goodbye Virginia, hello North Carolina!

We made it! Down 81 South and beyond. A long trip, but we’re settled in now. On the way I looked through a copy of “Back to Basics- How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills” and i’m even more psyched than ever. I’ll be staying in a trailer about 20 minutes down the road for the time being until we get the house on the property in shape for habitation. 

Here’s the scenario: My folks purchased an 18-acre plot of land with an old house and shed on it. The house is a “fixer-upper” and needs a LOT of work. In a nutshell, we will be fixing up the house and simultaneously having contractors build the foundation for a cabin that will be built further up the mountain. When the cabin is complete, my folks will likely retire and move in, and the original house will serve as as an art studio, greenhouse, and guest house. I feel that there is a LOT of potential at our fingertips if we work VERY, VERY HARD! 🙂

 Just my luck, my camera died as I was taking photos today so I’ll just share one for now. It isn’t the best, but this is all about a work in progress. 


When I saw this place last year, I admit I wasn’t crazy about it. I think after visiting a few times though I’m falling in love! We were lucky enough to hear from some of the original owners who had the property in their family for generations. They said it was a happy place, with lots of family get-togethers, campfires, fishing, and good times. It was so good to know that there was positive energy flowing there. I knew I could feel it, too! I hope that someday we can invite those folks over for a cookout and show them the wonderful things we have done around the place. 🙂 

There is so much to tell already and we’ve only been here two days. Ideas are flowing and spirits are (mostly) high. The land had old logging roads running all over that make excellent footpaths and trails. Today we may have tracked down another spring- there is so much to discover. Everyone who drives by stops to say hello and introduces themselves (granted only three cars have driven by in the two days we’ve been here- haha!). It looks like it’s a damn good idea to have connections in the country! I’m glad my mom has family nearby who can help us find contractors and inspectors, etc. because it can be a very daunting task to find someone who is trustworthy. So, there are some mixed emotions. We know we have a LOT of work ahead of us, but it’s absolutely going to be worth it. 


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