A visit to Ben’s


Part of the preparation for a big move includes visiting all the folks you love before you leave, and that can be a pretty tough thing to do! This week I stopped by Ben’s and helped with a few of his projects. It feels great to shake off the winter and work outdoors a bit. We were even able to take the canoe out for a spin! I really loved his guitar birdhouse. Here are a couple process photos – metal brackets and drainage holes in the bottom.

DSCN6687      DSCN6692

He just finished up a homemade rotating compost barrel.

The bracket is all pallet wood we scavenged.





Oh yeah! I’m super exited to re-purpose pallets and pallet wood. You can find them just about anywhere for free and they have a lot of potential! Here’s a site I found pretty inspirational- 1001pallets.com can get you started with many photos and ideas for your own pallet projects. I’ll be showing some of mine later. 🙂

Here’s a pallet “dock” Ben is working on to get down to the canoe. It consists of an aluminum ladder (found in the garbage) staked down and secured. It is folded over the embankment so you can climb down to the canoe. He had an extra pallet to keep people from tripping over the random ladder. 🙂 Works great in a pinch, especially if you are anxious to get into the water like we were! He simply cut out the middle slats on the underside of the pallet to make space for the ladder, and voila! 


And a nice day on the water we had. It was a cloudy day, but the great sycamores looked amazing against the steel sky.



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