Well, I have officially quit my job. We leave April 6th!

Here’s my first post! I just fired up WordPress this evening and I’m still figuring everything out, so bear with me. I’m typing up a “mission statement” in the About section that will hopefully explain this little venture o’ mine. But on to current news:

I quit my job last Friday. It wasn’t a negative or sudden thing. In fact, I gave my employer a lot of notice and they threw a little”goodbye” lunch for me.  Big thanks to Turner and my friends there  for the cards and thoughtful gifts!


But this means it’s official. I have no more money coming in. It still feels pretty strange, like I’m on an extended weekend off and will be going back to work any day now… but in reality this is…

THE BEGINNING OF THE REST OF MY LIFE! *exciting musical interlude*

Everything is about to get a lot less convenient, and It’s not going to be a bad thing. I’m just hoping I can stay motivated and resourceful. I’m used to being able to run 5 minutes up the road for fast food or shopping, but not so in NC! The closest fast food joint is probably about 45 minutes away. That’s going to be great for my wallet and waistline! We will be starting a garden as soon as we arrive, so I will be literally working for my supper! Also, I will not be using a cell phone. I have been “cell phone free” since December, and it has been just fine. After following the advice of some loving friends and family, I have purchased a pre-paid phone to keep in the car in case of emergency. I think this will be the best for all. I actually found a really awesome plan at “Page One” for 2,000 minutes that don’t expire for a year. Probably the best for my situation.

I’ll also be learning  A LOT. And you can follow along and help me, or just laugh. 🙂 I’m just hoping that my experiences can help anyone else who may have found themselves in my shoes. In need of something simpler and more meaningful in life. The great thing is I can use today’s technology to help me go “back in time”, with tutorial videos and instructional blogs. I’ll be sharing some as I go, and please feel free to contact me with any of your findings as well.

I also need to find some sort of income. I’ve signed up for a couple of sites like Care.com and Mturk.com to make a little money here and there, but I will be looking for a more stable job (hopefully a damn career) over the next year. Luckily I don’t need to start right away so I can work on my artistic pursuits for awhile! I’m not exactly looking for a conventional job, but I’ll expound upon that in a later post.  Cheers 🙂


3 thoughts on “Well, I have officially quit my job. We leave April 6th!

  1. Molly welcome to the mountains and all the rich life in them will give you…. It will be so much fun and so frustrating all at once that I cant wait to fallow your adventures. I grew up in a town out side of Denver,Co. so not only did I have to get used to small town life but a new climate and planting zone…it has been the best adventure of my life and hope you love it in a couple of years as much as I do.

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